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What a weekend

I am a week late with the update, but wow what a weekend of volleyball last weekend - everyone was in action - National League Ladies, The Men, The Ladies and the Juniors and the results were pretty special too!

Starting with our ladies who have of late struggled a little with form and the step up in division they have kept practicing, kept bringing their all to training and to the matches and their sheer grit and determination paid off, it was a hard-won fight against the Cambridge Rhinos and after a gruelling 5 sets our national league ladies came out on top - belief, training and never giving up won in the end. Well done ladies a well-deserved win.

The Men - this was a tough one they lost 3-1 to Falcons - the men are coming together as a newly formed group of players and have such great potential; they were close sets but just pipped to the post this time. I am sure our men will follow the example of our National League Ladies and continue to work hard both at training and in the matches to come out on top as well.

Our ladies, a huge shout out to them, they are undefeated so far this season - with Anzela receiving her first MVP the ladies are going from strength to strength - keep up the good work (and the winning).

And last but not least out superstar juniors - they took part in the Grand Prix - tier 2 in Nottingham this weekend - WOW - the club could not be prouder of this group of lads, or their parents for that matter who spent their Saturday sat in a cold sports hall cheering on the lads. But boy was it worth it - they smashed it. 4 games, 4 wins they didn't lose a single set and they only went and won the tournament! One thing that did standout was the encouragement of each other, they were a team, they played together, and they won together, if something didn't go right, they made sure the player knew that sometimes things don't go right - this was amazing to watch, we are all too quick to blame, point fingers and find the negative - these boys didn't do that, they found the positives, built each other up which was fantastic to see.

We have some amazing talent coming through our club - and this just shows what amazing coaches as a club we have, as without the coaches they wouldn't be progressing as well as they are - so a big thank you to the coaches who give up their own time to train all of our teams to be the best players they can be.

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