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Our Juniors are in the Volleyball England 

 Tier 2 Grand Prix


2022/2023 was our first season with a junior's team where we entered the Grand Prix! We were really excited and our juniors did great! We are looking forward to what 2023/24 holds!

Grand Prix Dates:

10 December 2022 - We won the tournament - 4 Games 4 Wins!

4 February 2023 - We won the tournament on points - 4 games won and 2 draws

11 March 2023

Training is on Tuesday for juniors and beginners of any age - from 13 years old

Everyone starts somewhere.

So what can you achieve?  Just training - if that's what you want.  Playing for you local club? playing for your regional team? playing for your country? Absolutely!!  We love volleyball and we want to pass this onto juniors as they are the future of our club. 


We are doing well passing on our wisdom:

 We put forward 3 of our juniors for the East Midlands Regional Trials and all three made it through to the second round.  We are all rooting for them in the next round - but an amazing achievement to have made it through the first round - well done!




We also have two England Cadets who train with the Juniors, they are there to help you or your child on your/their journey - Cayde and Kieran started their volleyball journey in October 2021 having watched anime during lockdown they decided that they should give volleyball a go - and they fell in love with the game themselves - they turned up and got stuck in, they listened to the advice, soaked it up and it wasn't too long before they broke into the ladies local team and then the men's local league team.  Playing is learning and the more they played the more game practice they had the more they learned and the better they got. 


Playing in the 'Grand Prix' last year they were spotted by England and offered a closed trial - they were accepted on to the England Talent Pathway as Cadets (U17) - in January 2023 they went to Bulgaria for the CEV - European Championships - they got to play for their country.  Watching these young men progress knowing that we have been part of their journey makes us so proud to have them as part of our team they are a credit to us and great young men to have around.











They would play the game all the time if they had a chance and are aspiring to play all over the world - we hope they make that dream come true - we will always be there wishing them luck.


As you can see our juniors have literally got the t-shirt, come along on a Monday and you can train with them, learn from them and their experiences.  These players started their volleyball journey with Northampton Volleyball Club (NVC) and they, along with our coaches are ready to help you start (or continue) your journey. 


Want to start somewhere - try NVC - don't be shy, get in touch, come along, join our volleyball family.

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